Bob McCoy
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Bob McCoyFor the time being, this has become a bit of a place holder, as time for web projects has all but vanished.  Slowly, but surely I've been doing less and less web work as my calendar becomes increasingly crowded.

I am available in the Greater Omaha, NE area for Thawte Web of Trust notary.  Please contact me by E-mail to setup a time and place.  More info on the WoT requirements are here.  Please be sure to read the requirements first so we can have a productive conversation.


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Bellevue, NE 68123
Email to bob-at-NOSPAM-mccoy-dot-net
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet

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Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. (DSS/DH) Personal Key Fingerprint: CE56 B5AA 849E D072 CAFA EA67 D67C 8461 AFA8 E010