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Requirements for WoT Notary Service

Thawte Web of TrustFirst things first ... read the "no kidding" Thawte Web of Trust rules and procedures.

Next, let's try and lock this down a little.  Thawte has left some wiggle room because not every country and state is alike.  So to take some of the ambiguity out of the process, here is what I want from you for WoT Notary services ...

bulletTwo forms of ID, at least one of which has a photo that is a reasonable likeness of you (same as Thawte).
bulletIf you have used your social security account number (SSAN) as your National ID Number (NIN) in Thawte's database, then at least one of your forms of ID must include that number.  If you have used some other number as your NIN, we will need to discuss the requirements.
bulletHere is a list of IDs that I find acceptable and in the order of preference:
  1. Military ID (active duty or retired)
  2. Newer dependent military ID with the individual's SSAN
  3. State driver's license with SSAN (sorry, Nebraska)
  4. Current passport
  5. State driver's license without SSAN
  6. Older dependent military ID with sponsor's SSAN only
  7. Social security card (with reasonable signature match)
  8. Health insurance card that has your SSAN on it

These requirements are not arbitrary.  They are the result of performing many notarizations and refining the requirements through direct communication with Thawte certification managers.  They are included here in an attempt to streamline the process and set expectations.  I take this stuff seriously.

To date, I have not set a point value to each of the above forms of ID.  In all likelihood, I will grant the full 35 points I am authorized; however, I reserve the right to grant less based upon the quality of the identification presented.

When and Where

I'm pretty flexible about meeting you to accomplish your notarization.  I believe in this, so I will make an effort to accommodate your needs.  My first choice for a meeting place is just about any public library.  It's a good neutral meeting place where we can make copies, and in some cases, do the notary online.

I do not have "regular hours" for performing notary services  — this is a volunteer thing.  So we will have to set up an appointment to get it done.  But with email, that should be relatively easy.  Again, keep in mind, this is not my fulltime job, so my availability is subject to my work schedule.  I'm a consultant by trade, so I could end up in any part of town on a given day, or out of town altogether.

Do you have any questions I haven't addressed here?  Are you ready to do this?  Send me email at Email to bob-at-NOSPAM-mccoy-dot-net.

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Good News

There is now more than one WoT notary in the Metro Omaha area!

bullet Dennis Mitchell is also in Bellevue.  He's also a good downtown Omaha contact.
bullet Michael Stone's office is in West Omaha.
bullet Tom Wilson is in Council Bluffs, IA.
bullet Dave Hamilton is available in Lincoln.
bulletCurt Jackson's available for WoT notary service in Des Moines.

Who knows?  You should be able to get enough points in one day to get your name on the cert!  The new coffee bar at the downtown Omaha library would be a great place for joint sessions.  That would be cool.

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Last updated 06/06/04